South Asian Language

Teachers Association


By-Laws of South Asian Language Teachers Association

ARTICLE I. Name and Mission

Name: The organization will be known as South Asia Language Teachers Association. This name may be shortened to SALTA in the Association's publications, correspondence, and financial transaction, as it may seem appropriate.

Mission: The mission of the Association will be 

(i) to encourage a more effective cooperation among instructors and educators of South Asian languages, linguistics, and literature in institutions of higher studies, particularly colleges and universities in North America. 

(ii) to develop a national 'architecture' of programs in South Asian languages in terms of national needs, program designs, competency levels, curricular resources, and instructional methodologies. 

(iii) represent the interests of the profession as directed by membership.


ARTICLE II. Membership

Members: Any educator with a professional interest in the promotion of and instruction in South Asian languages, linguistics and literature may become a member of the Association. Applicants for membership shall submit a written application for membership in such form as may be prescribed and upon payment of dues as may be required.
Termination of Membership: Any member may withdraw from the Association by giving a letter of resignation. 


The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice- President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.
Duties of Officers: President -- The President shall be responsible for presiding over and organizing activities. 
Vice-President -- The Vice-President shall assist the President and serve in the President's absences. 
Secretary/Treasurer -- The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all Association proceedings and all financial affairs, and receive and disburse funds as approved by Executive Committee. No contract other than in the ordinary course may be entered into on behalf of the Association unless authorized by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE IV. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Association shall consist of the officers and the immediate past President and two additional members elected to the Executive Committee by the association members. The first election will have a one two-year and a one one- year member so as to insure staggered terms.
The term of all officers and of the additional members of the Executive Committee shall be two years.

ARTICLE V. Meetings

The Association will hold an Annual Meeting at a time to be designated by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VI. Amendments

The by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any Annual Meeting, provided that the proposed amendment has appeared in a publication of the Association or has been mailed to the members n o later than one month before the Annual Meeting in which the vote-on-adoption will be taken place.